How to have a smooth C- section recovery

Childbirth is an exciting time since you finally get to meet your child, yet it can be a very trying time for your body. This is especially common among mothers

How to have a smooth C- section recovery
  • PublishedApril 27, 2021

Childbirth is an exciting time since you finally get to meet your child, yet it can be a very trying time for your body. This is especially common among mothers who delivered through caesarean birth(C-Section) rather than vaginal delivery.

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To spend less time feeling sore and tired, here are some suggestions to speed the recovery process and ensure ample bonding time with your new-born baby:


Resting may be impossible when there is a new-born in the house but it is very essential for recovery after any surgery. Refrain yourself from too many chores, sleep when the baby sleeps and try to get help from a loved one, to create time for your rest. Insufficient rest may impact your overall health negatively.

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‘Baby’ your body

Take extra care about you physical health. Keep everything you need for your new-born near you or have a loved help you around to avoid too much movement. This protects the incision site from too much stress. Keep your belly still by holding it, especially when coughing, sneezing and even laughing.

When bathing, lightly clean the incision site using water and mild soap. Don’t scrub. Also do not soak in a bath or bath tub or swim without your doctor’s permission.

Avoid lifting anything that is heavier than your child, and seek your doctor’s advice on when it is safe to begin exercises, get back to work, drive and even engage in sex.

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Occasionally, you can also take gentle walks. This can be a substitute before resuming to regular workouts. It helps prevent blood clots and other heart or blood vessel issues in addition to remaining fit and in good mental health.

Maintain a proper diet

Good nutrition is vital for both you and your new-born. Eat a variety of nutritious foods that will help you get stronger and keep your baby healthy during breastfeeding.

Have small but more frequent meals consisting of fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in fiber will help prevent constipation. Also drink a lot of fluids especially water,  to replace the water lost during birth and boost milk supply.

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Pregnancy does not mean that your child’s life is over. It is important to keep reminding them that the pregnancy has only delayed their dreams not stopped them altogether.

Manage your pain

Pain is inevitable after any surgery. However, do not wait for the levels to be intolerable for you to begin to deal with it. Ask your doctor to advice on the best pain relievers to use , especially when breastfeeding.

Apart from medicine, use of a heat pad(set on the low) can be used to relieve pain and discomfort around the incision site.
While you practice the above, be sure to watch for infections. Signs such as too much pain, swelling, red streaks appearing at the incision site and bad-odored discharge from the vagina, should prompt medical advice.

Every woman has a different C-section recovery experience. Comparing your situation with that of other women is not a good idea. Focus on your own healing following medical advice and be patient through the experience,to get your body to where you desire it to be.

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