In a lengthy Instragram post, Reverend Kathy Kuina of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) has opened up on her husband Bishop Kiuna’s battle with cancer. Bishop Kiuna was diagnosed with cancer last year, and according to his wife, his journey back to health has been nothing but easy.

“Chemotherapy had him loosing hair, gaining weight and unable to do much physically; he was unable to stand or walk for long and had to tiptoe around from the immense pain in his legs. Chemotherapy had him at his lowest,” the post read in part.

She also revealed how hard it had been putting a strong front and carrying on with preaching as her husband battled the disease alone.

“What was most difficult for me, was having to be home preaching most of the time and not by his side physically and honestly speaking it took all of me to even stand and preach. Most of what I preached last year, was more for me than anyone else, it was God speaking to me at the same time using me to get to someone. Regardless of how I felt, I had to show my husband that we would get through this and show strength even when it was hard and would later go on my knees and remind God of His promises most times with tears rolling down my face. In that season, I learnt to put the weight of my faith in God. It is easy to say “My faith is in God” yet still want to do things on your own and find other ways especially when you feel like God is “taking time”

Bishop Kiuna is much better now and can take part in activities that he previously could not undertake.

“His hair has grown back, he is physically fit, he can run, jump, stand for hours and when I see this, it is a reminder that all glory is to God, I see my husband laying hands on the sick and they’re getting healed and I realise he had to go through what he went through to access a new level,” she concluded.