Maiyan Nanyuki bags prestigious World Luxury Villa award

Maiyan Nanyuki bags prestigious World Luxury Villa award
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2020

Sitting on lush land against a stunning Mt. Kenya and Lolldaiga hills backdrop is Maiyan Nanyuki. It is a country resort that lives up to the meaning of its name: Maiyan means God’s blessing in Maa.
Just recently, Maiyan was crowned global winner in The Luxury Villa Resort Category, by the World Luxury Awards. The awards, which were founded in 2006, recognize luxury hotels for their world class facilities and service excellence. More than 300,000 international travelers vote each year, for a period of four weeks, to choose the winners.

Maiyan is inspired by 3 elements: blessing, harmony and excellence. The natural landscape, the shape of the land (it is shaped like a piano, which alludes to harmonious synchronicity) and the able management of the resort under Falcon Heights Management Company all speak to these elements, and give credence to them as the sources of their inspiration.

Check out more photos of the resort:

Photos courtesy: @maiyannanyuki on Instagram

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Luxury hotels have the chance to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards by entering hotel categories that speak to their unique selling points and destinations. Winning a World Luxury Hotel Award not only inspires confidence and helps retain a loyal clientele in this cutthroat industry, but also stimulates continuous growth and development of the hotel.

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