The art of choosing a barber

The art of choosing a barber
  • PublishedAugust 13, 2021

As a man, you need a reliable, regular, and skilled barber who can ensure that you get a constant and sharp haircut whenever it’s necessary. However, getting that one good barber is not an easy task.

Here is what to consider as you set out to scout for a good barber.

Customer service

Before settling on a barber, visit a few barbershops and observe the kind of treatment accorded to customers. Observe the relations the barber has with customers and think about how comfortable you would feel being shaved by them.

If you visit a barber that keeps tilting the customer’s head roughly, then it’s best not to come back.


Unless you will be the only client at your chosen barbershop, hygiene should be one of the first things you consider. Barbershops receive a high number of clients who are served using the same tools.

A good barber will have a clean shop and tools. He/she also provides a clean and peaceful environment that will make you come back each time.

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Client reviews

If the barbershop you are eyeing has an online presence, check what clients have to say. If not, ask for the opinions of your friends who may have had their hair shaved at the barbershop you are considering.

Your friends will always want the best for you when it comes to how you look and they will refer you to the best barber they know of.

The barber’s skills

Sometimes, it’s hard to judge someone’s skills through mere observation. In such a case, let the barber trim your hair in a simple way and then judge their abilities. By doing so, you will be seeking to know how well the barber understands their client and how best they can deliver.

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It takes passion and  creativity to a good reputable barber. Find a barber who is familiar with current trends and styles and one who is always eager to try new styles. Men want to have that extra nice look after shaving and finding a creative barber will ensure you achieve this with little to no struggle.

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Kind of tools one uses

A good barber, and a dedicated one for that matter, will find the best quality barbershop tools. Such include shaving machines, towels, brushes, mirrors and even professional work wraps.

Additionally, a good barber will have a thorough knowledge of each piece of equipment in the shop.

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In a nutshell…

Getting a haircut can be a relaxing experience, especially in the right atmosphere where for instance, your barber provides great music, fun conversations or an after service package. As a result, getting a good barber is worth the time spent shopping around.

A regular go-to barber saves you the hassle of having to explain your hairstyle each time you want to shave.

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