Britain’s new points- based immigration system will see skilled Kenyans without a degree qualification applying for work in Britain under its post- Brexit immigration rules. The system will take effect from January 2021 and is expected to open job opportunities for Kenyans to compete with other job- seekers from the European Union and other regions.

The new rules have lowered the job application requirements in the 27- member European Union bloc from degree- level to a minimum skill level of A- level or its equivalent.

The new system is set to provide flexibility and also expose UK to a wider pool of skilled workers. This is according to Britain’s Home Office. There will be relaxed visa rules which will enable Kenyan gurus in fields such as: IT, accountancy and electrical works to compete with others.

This will see a huge rise in job vacancies in Britain since the new system will end free movement of labor between it and the EU, after Brexit earlier this year. Although there is no planned way for lower- skilled workers to enter Britain, seasonal and sector- specific schemes may be created. Britain has lowered its minimum general threshold salary for skilled migrants by 26.67%, bringing it to 22,000 Euros (sh.2.97 million) per year or 1,833 Euros (sh. 247,628) per month.

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This cut follows a proposal by Migration Advisory Committee (MCA), an independent body that advises the British government. In January 2020 the body recommended an annual minimum pay of 25, 600 Euros (sh.3.46 million) to migrant skilled workers .

The new system now recommends that those who wish to live and work in the US must score 70 points. Also, there will be additional points for those with job offers in shortage occupation.

The new rules will also come in handy to students who have completed their studies in the UK universities as it will allow them more time

The new “graduate route” which will be opening in summer 2021 will see Kenyan students, just like other international students being allowed more time to haunt for jobs , compared to the old system’s 4 months.