What to do when success doesn’t come fast enough

  • PublishedFebruary 22, 2019

We all dream of success. Good news is anyone can be successful. Bad news? Success doesn’t come overnight; neither does it come easy. Now don’t look so discouraged. Just because it doesn’t happen overnight does not mean success wont come your way.

Here are some few tips on when you feel like success is not coming fast enough.

Don’t compare your process with someone else’s success.

Sometimes we get discouraged when we look at how well other people are doing. We do not see the struggles, the sleepless nights, and the failures they have encountered before reaching where they are.

The first step to the disappointment road is comparing your success with that of someone else. If you must, compare where you are with when you started. Be your own competition.

Look at the big picture

What makes most entrepreneurs give up on their businesses is shortsightedness. You quit your job and start a business. You give the business an ultimatum of becoming profitable in year, failure to which you will give up on it. It is good to anticipate success. I mean, why would you set up a business if you do not hope to succeed?

However, it could be dangerous for you if you do not look at the big picture. What do you want to achieve at the end of it? How successful do you see your business become in 5 or 10 years time?

Stop fretting on whether you are doing it right

Sometimes we worry too much. You worry that your business won’t reach its full potential or that you are going about it the wrong way. You even worry that you will make that one mistake that takes you out for good.

We have seen people succeed in different ventures. There is no right way of building your business. Mistakes are sometimes inevitable. Sometimes you will make a mistake that will hurt your business. This does not mean that you are incapable of doing it right.

You can always do better; you can always improve from where you are. However, you should not kill yourself thinking of how wrong you could be. Rather, think of how you can be better.

Success takes different durations for different people and for different ventures. Sometimes you may feel like it is a long way coming. Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started and what you want to achieve. Always remember that it is better to take longer and succeed rather than give up and live the rest of your life wishing you persisted. 

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