Working in a mismanaged office can put a damper on your self esteem. People want to take pride in their work and gain meaning from it. When you work with an incompetent or totally disorganised boss, he is unlikely to solicit your opinion or voluntarily give you more control. Unless you have an alternative, like another job or changing departments, you simply must learn to cope. Here are some suggestions:

*Form healthy (not gossiping kind) friendships with co-workers. This can make the environment more pleasant and take the focus off your boss’s incompetence.

*Make yourself visible to your boss’s boss. Work harder and you just might get his job.

*Document any examples of gross negligence, such as skipping meetings or losing documents.

*Suggest solutions in writing to higher management or a union representative.

If you simply can’t cope, set a goal to find a better job. Your self esteem and job satisfaction are important.

Natural Pain Relief

Do you look away when a health care provider inserts a needle to draw blood or give you an injection? According to a study published in UK’s Psychological Science journal, looking at your arm when getting an injection, instead of looking away, may make you feel less pain. Scientists tested the pain thresholds of 18 volunteers using heat probes. They found volunteers were able to endure more heat on their hands while looking at them compared to when they were unable to see them. The researches say this shows there is an interaction between what we see and how the brain processes pain. So next time you have an injection, look and you will feel less pain.