Why couples resort to make-up sex after a heated argument

  • PublishedAugust 29, 2019

It is not something new to many of us as we have had a strong urge to have sex or had it already whenever we have been through a heated fight.  In many relationships, it comes naturally even though the issue has not been resolved, while in others it is a way of reconciling.

Make up sex is reported to be super intense with many people achieving orgasm.It is intense as you have ‘excitation transfer’ which is the carryover of arousal from the fight thus making the ensuing sex intense.

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However, it is not advisable to resort to that as a way of reconciling as it leaves the issues unresolved. Physical intimacy is a vital part of relationships, but it shouldn’t be used in the place of emotional intimacy and communication.

So what actually causes make up sex after a heated argument?

The need to relieve emotions

A heated argument can cause emotional distance between the two of you because of the differences it causes. The make up sex is bound to help resolve the emotional strain that was caused during the argument.

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A 2008 study revealed that, someone more interested in sex with their partner after being primed with feelings of emotional threat for fear of their partner falling in love with someone else.

Releasing extra energy

Make up sex is a way of releasing the hidden erotic energy so as to feel relaxed. During an argument, there is a lot of unnecessary energy created thus the need to release it and many people resort to release it through sex.

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