Period leaks happen when your menses stain part of your undergarments despite putting on your sanitary pad or tampon or whatever you use during your monthly periods.

Sometimes, the leak may be too serious so that it passes through your clothes and leaves you walking around with a huge red embarrassing stain. This article addresses some of these reasons and offers a few fixes.

Untimely changing of full pad

In as much as it is recommended that you change your pads at least after every six hours when your flow is heavy your pad will be full in less than six hours, in fact even in a matter of minutes.  

This, therefore, explains that the duration that pads take to get full depends on the weight of the flow.

Pads are designed in a way that they can only hold period flows to some extent and if you do not change them as soon as they are full, you increase the risk of experiencing leaks.

Pads without wings

Unlike sanitary pads with wings that hold undergarments tight, the ones without wings easily shift. This is because they are loose and easily wiggle which increases your chances of experiencing leaks.

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Sleeping position

The power of gravitational force applies when it comes to menstruation and sleeping positions. Chances are that when you sleep, your menses are on one side and when you turn your position, the menses will move. This may stain your undergarments and pyjamas and in some cases your bedding.

Sneezing or coughing

Biologically when you cough your pelvic floor muscles relax momentarily and this is how either sneezing or coughing or even laughing out loud while on your periods, could lead to period leaks due to the sudden action and pressure. This happens especially when the flow is heavy.

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What you can do

  • Adjust your sleeping position

If you sleep on your side, you can try to sleep on the back or on your stomach to avoid leaks at night.

  • Get the right products

Opt for pads with wings. Moreover, get pads that are designed for your type of flow. If your flow is heavy, get the maxi pads or tampons.  Also, buy overnight pads which tend to have a higher absorbent capacity. You can also opt to buy period panties that are specifically designed to absorb blood with or without a pad or tampon. These you can use with a pad for maximum protection.

You can also experiment with products like menstrual cups if you have never used them before.

  • Change your pad often

It is advisable to change your pad before the lapse of six hours. However, you don't have to wait for this long. Change your pad as soon as it gets soggy. Also, wear a fresh pad before going to bed at night.

  • If all else fails, wear two panties
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