5 Reasons you're not losing weight

When one takes the step to change their lifestyle and try lose weight,expectations are plenty.It can thus be very dissapointing when you realise that you are not losing weight at

5 Reasons you're not losing weight
  • PublishedNovember 3, 2020

When one takes the step to change their lifestyle and try lose weight,expectations are plenty.It can thus be very dissapointing when you realise that you are not losing weight at the rate you wanted.Whilst it is important to note that you cannot lose weight overnight,there might be some reasons that your weight loss is taking longer than you expected.Below are some of the causes of delayed weight loss:

Your water is intake below par

According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology,500 milliliters of water increases subject metabolic rate by 30 percent. This affects weight loss because the body’s metabolism and weight loss are intertwined.To lose weight,you must burn more calories than you consume.A person with high body metabolism uses more calories than they consume to perform bodily functions than a person with lower metabolism.As such,increased water intake can increase your body’s metabolism and consequentially plays a large part in weight loss.

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You’re not getting enough sleep

The amount of sleep you get is directly related to the regulation of hormones that affect hunger and appetite.This hormone(leptin) suppresses appetite and sleep deprivation reduces leptin production and induces a huge appetite especially at night.As a result,it is highly likely that these calories will be stored as fat rather than burned as energy.In a study at the University of Chicago,sleep-deprived participants chose snacks with  twice as much fat as those who slept at least eight hours.

Your portions are too much

As mentioned above,weight loss primarily revolves around calories in versus calories out.Whether food is healthy or unhealthy,eating large portions leads to packing unwanted calories.Therefore,portion control is crucial.However,since a man’s metabolic rate is usually higher than a woman’s,regulating portions can be quite tricky.There are universal guidelines that one can use a roadmap.They can include:lean protein should be the size of your fist,complex carbs the size of your palm and veggies two times that.

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Your diet/exercise plan isn’t for you

A diet plan is like clothing;it should be specifically tailored for someone.A lot of times people embark on an unregimented exercise and diet plan without seeking professional help.It is recommended to seek the help of a fitness trainer who should be able to help you with your exercise and dieting needs.

You’re stressed out

Cortisol,commonly referred to as the stress hormone,affects fat storage and can result in weight gain.Therefore,if you’re having a problem losing weight,it might be time to evaluate whether you are under stress.For some people,this might require seeking out a therapist.But if this is not a viable option find a way around what is stressing you,for instance,if you are stressed out at work,maximise on your leave days or take up a stress relieving activity as a hobby.

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