5 Things couples should talk about before marriage

5 Things couples should talk about before marriage
  • PublishedFebruary 21, 2022

You need to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner before tying the knot. Discussing your expectations and coming to an agreement on things you differ on can make you avoid certain issues that could have been solved had you had the conversation.

Here are five things that couples should talk about before marriage.

Do you want children?

This is a crucial question that you should ask your partner so that you can know whether you’re on the same page. If you get married and have different views on having children, it might end up in heartbreak. In case you have opposing views, it is only right to reach an agreement instead of getting married and hoping that they would change their mind later on.

If you both agree that you want little ones of your own, then you could go ahead and inquire about the number of kids, when to have them, how to raise them, among others.

Where do you want to reside?

Do not assume that your partner will be okay with whichever location you chose to set up your home. Believe it or not, location can be a dealbreaker in a marriage. As a result, ensure you discuss where both of you would want to live. Take into consideration factors like job, climate and proximity to other family members.

What is your partner’s personality?

Understanding your partner’s personality can save you from a lot of heartaches later in the marriage. Personality influences people’s behaviour; how they interact with each other, how they react to situations, how they solve problems e.t.c.

Understanding your partner’s personality inform you of what buttons to avoid pushing and how you can balance your temperaments for the sake of the relationship.

The good thing is there are free personality tests that you can take online at the click of a button.

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What can you not tolerate?

While relationships are built on forgiveness and tolerance, there are certain things that neither you nor your partner can tolerate. You should be clear on these before exchanging vows. After all, your partner is not an angel and may not know what hurts you the most if you don’t tell them.

Along this line, you should also discuss what happens if your relationship was to end. This is where you consider whether to have a prenuptial agreement or not.

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What is the state of your finances?

Finding out how your partner prefers to handle finances if you get married is a major topic you should cover. Whether they want to split bills or have joint investment accounts, make sure that both of you are happy with the arrangement.

It also helps to come clean if you are in debt. Your significant other deserves to know the magnitude of your debts and how you plan to pay them otherwise they might feel trapped and cheated if they find out about your debt situation after you are married.


Having difficult conversations will help you know what to expect. Talk these things out, and it might help you minimize any disagreements that could have occurred had you not had the discussion.

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