5 ways to bond with your newborn baby

Welcoming a baby into the world is like meeting someone new. You have to get to know them, let them get to know you, and create a strong bond in

5 ways to bond with your newborn baby
  • PublishedSeptember 7, 2021

Welcoming a baby into the world is like meeting someone new. You have to get to know them, let them get to know you, and create a strong bond in the process. This includes knowing what makes them happy, what makes them sad, their favourite items and every other thing that defines them.

Similarly, it is important to create a connection with babies from a young age. Understand that they too have to adjust to familiarizing with those around them as they are also seeing new faces.

Skin to skin contact

Doctors advise new mums to hold their newborns while bare-chested. This helps the baby adjust to being outside of the womb and also initiates the first breastfeeding.

Furthermore, skin to skin contact enables both the child and the parent to relax and feel closer to each other.

This does not only apply to the mother, but also to the father to promote parental attachment. Once in a while, get shirtless, hold your baby and cuddle them for a while.

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Talk to them

While babies cannot talk back, they listen. Tell them what you are doing, how you feel about them, make soothing sounds and even read to them occasionally. This gets them acquainted with how you sound and soon, they will be able to recognize you from far with your voice.

Use reassuring words and phrases. For example,  ” whose the cutest little princess?”. With time, your baby will learn the meaning of the phrases. Talking to babies also helps them learn to speak early.

Make use of bath time

Bath time is a special time for babies. Make it a habit to be present during this activity and do it yourself. Massage them gently during this moment and play with them while at it. This helps them relax their muscles and they feel closer to you as there will be skin to skin contact.

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Make eye contact

Eye contact helps a baby understand how speech relates with emotion. Looking into their eyes also releases chemicals which help strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

When talking or singing to them, look into their little eyes and smile as you do this for assurance and to give them the feeling of safety.

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Sing to them

Music brings with it a rhythm that has a calming effect on children. Most babies when sang to, fall asleep almost immediately. This is because it relaxes them and makes them feel secure around you.

Singing also keeps them entertained and making funny facial expressions while at it might even crack them up. This gets them excited and they will associate your singing with happiness. You don’t have to be in tune, the rhythm is all that matters.

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Take home

Make use of activities that make you feel closer to your newborn. Include your partner into these moments and ensure your baby gets a part of both of you. With time, the baby will be able to differentiate between the two of you and associate each parent with something they like about them.

Tickle them, make them chuckle, kiss and cuddle them, and watch your bond get inseparable.

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