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6 reasons why you need to get a hobby

While we may not go back to being children, we can let loose once in a while.

6 reasons why you need to get a hobby
  • PublishedJanuary 19, 2023

Over time, the hustle culture has become popularized and everyone and their cousin is now staying on the grind. While this move is set to raise the standard of one’s living, the other side of the coin is also true. Burnout, depression, fatigue and anxiety are likely to increase. As the old proverb goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

According to research, hobbies only became popular after the 2020 pandemic when all of civilization was forced into lock down. It’s a shame that it took the universe twisting our arms, for us to finally slow down. A hobby should be part of your lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why…

Much-needed break

As demanding as life can get, hobbies offer a much-needed reprieve. You get a chance to reset which will automatically make you more productive at work. You get to stand up from that office chair that has your 26-year-old self feeling like an 80-year-old. You get to water your cactus plant and you ultimately get to drink something other than coffee.


There is more to life than money believe it or not. When you pause and take up a different lens, you will most likely question your perspective. Are you on the right path? Are you doing something that matters? And the most crucial question of them all, are you happy? You can hardly broaden your view if you’re on the same wheel, pinning for the same cheese.


You swear you love your job and we believe you. It’s the scowl on your face every morning that’s unsettling. You already spend 80 hours on a job you barely like. Why not spare just two hours a week on a hobby. You would be happier and, of course, less inclined to curse at the security personnel when they ask for your badge.


Our hobbies are preferably things that come naturally to us. In the spirit of competition, we excel. This increases the production of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Suddenly there’s a spring in your step, a new sway in your hips and a puff in your chest. A much-needed boost in your perception of self.

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More money

This one brings a smile to anyone’s face. You can turn your hobbies into an income stream. One effect of the pandemic was that everyone became more creative.  Artists started painting again, violinists went back to their musical notes, poets fell in love with words again, among others. In a world full of limitless possibilities, you can sell your artwork or poetry and lighten up someone’s day. With the right strategy and game plan, you can very easily convert your hobby into a source of income, killing two birds with one stone as the English put it.


A child’s laughter is enviable. They seem to not have a single care in the world. The answer on everyone’s mind might be, ‘they don’t have bills’. While this is true, it might also be misleading. Children may be happier because they have a million and one hobbies.

In conclusion…

While we may not go back to being children, let’s kick off our shoes once in a while, let’s feel the fresh air, pick up that paint brush, put on those hiking shoes from last year, and step on the grass.  Let’s not kill the little boys and girls within us. This is the time to be that holistic individual you’ve always known you could be. Find community in your hobby. Get social again.

P/S: Facebook doesn’t count here. Talk to a real person. Don’t make Jack a dull boy.


Written By
Diana Rachel