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10 Sardinian secrets to a long and healthy life

Sardinia is home to the world's longest living men. Interestingly, their secrets to a long and healthy life are simple behaviours that we can all adopt.

10 Sardinian secrets to a long and healthy life
  • PublishedJanuary 26, 2023

According to World Bank statistics released in 2020, the life expectancy in Kenya is 62.68 years. Miles away in Sardinia, an island in Italy and arguably the largest in the Mediterranean sea, life expectancy is 82.6years . As result, the island has been described as home to the world’s longest living men. Curious? Read on to find the secret behind Sardinia’s long life expectancy that you can adopt for a longer and healthy life.

Real patience

While Kenyans, and especially in the capital, are always in a hurry, the pace in Sardinia is much slower and more mindful. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to have renovations that last for more than five years during which they enjoy and document each stage of the process.  Slow down and take in your environment.

Healthy recipes

Sardinians eat fresh foods most of which they have grown on their farms and gardens. They’re famous for minestrone which is said to be the Sardinian grandmother’s soup.  Deep frying everything may be our culture but it is also the root of many lifestyle diseases. Today, try something organic from the farmer’s market. Try a fruit. When was the last time you had one of those? 

Connection as the ultimate luxury

When was the last time you visited friends or family and just had the good old conversation with your phones out of the way. In a world that is fast-paced and mostly on the web, Sardinians may be the only people who value physical interactions.  These include handmade from-scratch meals of the day. If you want to live longer, gather your friends this weekend, ditch the phones and have a barbecue in your backyard.

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In an age of vigilance, hospitality seems to be a lost art. Not in Sardinia however. It is a common thing to find locals hosting strangers for meals and other festivities. Sardinians believe in kindness and other simple acts of love.


While we can’t change the trajectory of our lives in one move, we can adopt the exercising culture of the Sardinians for a longer healthier life. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as taking a walk around your estate or taking breaks from your desk job to stretch. This improves blood circulation and is a simple exercise.  

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Less alcohol

 Kenya is known as the land of great athletes, scenic views, wildlife and tea but surprise surprise, Kenyans are also known for their love of the bottle. This may not be helping your quest to live longer. People in Sardinia and other  blue zones consume less alcohol which has been proven to contain carcinogens. Taking less of this silent poison might help you live more holistically.  You can begin by cutting the amount of alcohol you take or reduce the frequency. if you suspect addiction, please seek the help of a qualified professional or go to rehab.

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Getting enough sleep.

Running on five hours of sleep and four cups of coffee might be trendy but it has contributed to the bags under your eyes, and strain in your weight. Slow down and try more sleep. Your workload can wait.

Cut down the coffee as well. Coffee has been known to cause insomnia, muscle tremors, headaches and irritability.

Intentional relationships

Go to that lunch with a friend and keep your phone away. Look them in the eye and share a laugh. Build on networks that last. Relationships take investment from both parties. Intentionality is key.

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In a nutshell…

Changing our lives is a gradual process. It is not impossible, but it takes time. With a little willingness and commitment, our current society will be on the way to mending. We can heal our society by starting at an individual level. And with any luck we can hopefully live a little longer and a lot happier, the Sardinian style.

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Diana Rachel