9 fun and economical family bonding activities to try out

It does not have to cost a lot of money to have some family time and neither does it have to involve strenuous planning and preparation. Family bonding activities should

9 fun and economical family bonding activities to try out
  • PublishedJune 15, 2021

It does not have to cost a lot of money to have some family time and neither does it have to involve strenuous planning and preparation. Family bonding activities should be fun, engaging and occur naturally.

Here are some easy, money-saving options you can try out to keep your family close-knit and bonded:

Have meals together

Food brings people together and of course, families too. Supper is the likely meal of the day where all family members are present . Children today have formed the habit of taking meals in their rooms hence secluding themselves from other family members. Discourage this and ensure everyone is present at the table. Common meals provide a sense of belonging and gives the forum to talk about everyone’s day. This eases communication within the family.

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Check the family album

Family albums carry fond memories and act as a point of reference to past events. It gets the family to reminisce on moments captured in the photographs. Children could also learn more about the family from pictures dated to before they were born. Pick a day to go through the album together -go down memory lane, tell stories and laugh about funny pictures.

Watch a family programme

There is a variety of interesting programmes and shows that are suitable for family viewership. Make this a family tradition and come up with movie nights; you only need to make some popcorns and enjoy a film together. This is a way to relax and unwind from a hectic day at work while feeling closer to your family. Each family member should be able to participate in selecting a suitable movie for everyone.

Board games

Board games provide room for healthy competitions among people. Examples of board games include chess, scrabble, monopoly, puzzles and many others. Playing board games increases brain function and promotes cognitive and critical thinking skills. Such games among family increases teamwork and encourages participation from each member.

Prayer sessions

A family that prays together stays together. Making time for bible study and prayers helps get family members to gather and spend time together. Through these sessions, you can teach your children about God and help them understand His role in their lives. Prayer sessions also help families express gratitude to milestones reached and seek guidance during tough times. This gives them a sense of oneness and belonging.

Charity activities

Helping others  allows one to give back to the society and make a positive impact on someone’s life. it also brings with it a sense of fulfillment and warmth. Find items in the house that are no longer in use, outgrown clothes and visit a children’s home to donate them to. Engaging in charity activities also helps in teaching children the act of kindness and sharing hence contributing to their overall character development.

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Host and visit extended family

It is important to keep and maintain a strong bond with your extended family. Introduce your children to their cousins and other relatives to create a sense of kinship and in turn a close connection. Host relatives once in a while and make it a habit to visit them too. This improves relations with other family members and fosters a knowledge in one’s lineage.

At-home photoshoot

Update your family album by taking pictures. It does not have to be a professional shoot. Find props and create a shoot background at home then take lots of pictures with your family. Switch up props and location from shot to shot to get the best angles. This is a fun way to tap into the creativity of the family and also discover interests and talents.

Road trips

Create a fun playlist and drive around your town while singing along to familiar tunes. Road trips give the chance to know more about your neighborhood and create discussions around new discoveries. You might come across a new eatery that would be ideal for a family outing or even new establishments you did not know existed near you that could be useful.

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The role of family is significant in the development of children and in the family itself. Every member should understand each other and be able to live harmoniously. Ensuring such understanding requires family to spend time together in order to create a lasting connection. Family bonding activities are numerous, you just have to find the right one for yours.

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