Creating the focal point of a room

The first thing you usually notice in a room is its focal point. It may be an attractive feature, such as a wall hanging, fireplace, chandelier or picturesque view. Sometimes

  • PublishedMarch 15, 2018

The first thing you usually notice in a room is its focal point. It may be an attractive feature, such as a wall hanging, fireplace, chandelier or picturesque view. Sometimes it may be a not so fabulous television set or a rough wall. We tell you how to create a striking one in every room.

The focal point of a room influences the arrangement of furniture. Therefore, adding a touch of style to the room to emphasise its focal point is a great way to make the space vibrant and take focus off the less attractive features.

Achieving a focal point can be done by being creative and playing around with space or items of a room. Don’t let a small or zero budget discourage you from achieving what you want for there are plenty of do-it-yourself things you can embrace to create an amazing focal point in your space. Here are some helpful ideas for powerful, attention-grabbing spots in your room!

Colour combination

If you choose to make your ceiling the focal point in the space, make sure the lighting can handle the challenge. Playing around with bold colours can add focus to a room that lacks it. For example, painting a ceiling with a bold colour and accentuating it with a dark molding adds an instant focal point. A strong chandelier further establishes the ceiling as a focal point. Be certain to keep other colours and patterns in the room at a minimum so they don’t compete with the ceiling.

Accent a wall

You can accent a wall (highlight it) to ensure it is the first thing one sees when they enter into a room. The most common and budget-friendly way to do it is by painting it a different colour from the rest of the walls in the room. You can also use wallpaper or even different lighting to transform a regular wall into something distinctive.


The last thing you want to feel when you walk into a room is being in an environment where there is too much going on. Sometimes all a room needs is one large, eye-catching piece of art to serve as a focal point. It makes sense to mount the artwork where it is visible upon entering a room. One may use dramatic lighting to emphasise it. Whatever the type of piece of art; size, colour and position are the most important trick to make it the room’s focal point.

Botanical attraction

If you choose to make some plants your focal point, lighting is important and must be taken into consideration. One should choose plants that flourish in the available light of the room or be prepared to provide auxiliary lighting. A single huge plant or a collection of smaller plants can draw the eye. Aftercare is important. You don’t want your focal point to wilt, display damaged or yellowing leaves, or still show other neglect like being covered in dust.

Other general tips for creating a focal point:

Top the fireplace with a bold mirror or piece of art.

Choose sheer or neutral curtains to maximise natural light and emphasise the views.

Paint that oversized wardrobe a bright, bold colour.

Cover unsightly windows with a wall of boldly printed curtains that act as a feature in the room.

Position a brightly coloured piece of furniture in the room.

Organised, built-in shelving can serve as a focal point.

Artistic grouping of small art, objects such as baskets or other collectibles, or mirrors on a large wall form a lovely focal point.

A focal point in a room is the highlight of the space. Treat it appropriately and you’ll be sure to elicit many positive remarks.

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