If you are a chamomile tea enthusiast you may probably be sipping this tea to help you relax or induce sleep. There are numerous other health  benefits of chamomile tea that you did not know about.

Brief History of Chamomile

Chamomile comes from a Greek word Chamomaela   meaning “ground apple”. It originated in ancient Egypt where it used to be prescribed as a remedy for colds.

Chamomile contains chemicals called flavonoids, naturally occurring plant pigments that play a role in the nutrition and medicinal properties of chamomile.

Benefits for Drinking Chamomile Tea

Induce Sleep

Chamomile contains a unique apigenin, an antioxidant that binds receptors in the brain, thus healing insomnia and inducing sleep.

Studies show that women who drink chamomile tea have quality sleep compared those who do not. They also suffer fewer symptoms of depression caused by lack of sleep.

Consider drinking chamomile tea before going to bed especially if you experience any sleep disorder.

Stomach soothing agent.

Drinking chamomile tea promotes better digestion hence reducing gastro-intestinal conditions.

In a study done on a mice, the results showed that chamomile had the potential of controlling diarrhoea attributed to its inflammatory properties.

This beverage also helps to curb stomach ulcers since it reduces hyperacidity in the stomach.

Traditionally chamomile was used to treat digestive ailments such as nausea and gas.


Some studies reveal that chamomile tea may target cancer cells and prevent them from growing. More research is needed to boost this claim, however. Antioxidants found in chamomile are linked with lower incidence of some types of cancer, for example breast, uterus, prostrate, skin and digestive tract.

Lower blood sugar

Chamomile aids in lowering of blood sugar.

Anti-inflammatory properties of this tea prevents the damage to the liver which is affected when blood sugar rises.

In a study done, 64 diabetic people who took chamomile with meals for eight weeks were reported to have a lower average of blood sugar than those who consumed plain water.

Boosts heart health

Chamomile tea has flavones, an oxidant that has the potential to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which are the main cause of heart- related infections.

Research shows people who drink chamomile tea have a noteworthy improvement in cholesterol burning compared to those who drink plain water.

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