How you and your family can commemorate environmental days

How you and your family can commemorate environmental days
  • PublishedApril 22, 2022

Environmental days are becoming as many as the days of the week. Therefore, it is inevitable to want to participate in at least one whenever you get a chance. Besides, it is relatively easy to make such days count considering the number of participation options available. These days include the World Wetlands Day on 2nd February, World Wildlife Day 3rd March, World Environment Day 5th June , World Oceans Day 8th June, 21st March marks the International Forest Day 22nd April, has Earth Day and many more. Therefore as a family, you could do the following to mark these special days:

Plant trees

This has got to be the easiest and most common practice when it comes to marking an environmental day. Firstly because it is very significant and secondly because it can be cost effective. It is possible to do it in your home, especially by planting just fruit trees that will later supplement your needs.

Photo by Syahrin Seth / Unsplash


There are quite a number of initiatives aimed at conserving the various natural resources and the environment that you could donate money, services or products to. The things you give help towards making the conservation efforts more effective.

You could involve the entire family by sharing your decision to donate towards an initiative that touches you and helping them understand how their efforts impact your well being.

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Protest/sign petitions

The environment and those who defend it are usually looking for more people to lend their voices in order for a certain change to be effected. Joining such campaigns are important in making sure the rights of the people who depend on the environment are upheld.

Recently, there was a petition going round about the proposed amendments to the Forest Bill that would change decision making regarding forest management. There are usually climate change strikes that are trying to make sure that, for instance, the least developed countries are compensated for being the ones to experience the jarring effects of climate change even when they contribute very little greenhouse gases.

Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi / Unsplash

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Denying yourself certain privileges so someone could have the luxury of experiencing it is another way of participating in environmental days. The biggest form of denial happens during the Earth Hour when everyone on earth chooses to switch off electric lights and appliances for 30 minutes on 26th March. This is believed to give the planet the reprieve it requires albeit briefly.


Learning about the state of the environment will help you to make the right decisions about saving it. Learn about the various efforts that have been launched and how you could participate to increase the impact of the project.

In a nutshell…

Participating in environmental days is something that we should all do to maintain the health of the environment for our own good.

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