Kenya among East African countries set to benefit from a Ksh1.8 billion internet project from the European Union to increase internet coverage in the region.

The project is set to take place in the next two years with other countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo to benefit. The European Investment Bank is already funding a private company to build the necessary infrastructure for the internet connection to the countries’ remote villages so as to support the fast rising electronic business in the continent.

“Sustainable transport, clean energy and communications networks are shared challenges for Europe and Africa. Working together, we can improve the lives of millions,” said Dr Werner Hoyer, European Investment Bank President,  in a media release.

With a third of Kenyans already having an access to internet, the EU hopes that the boost in internet will increase business transactions through M-Pesa and other platforms. The European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker stressed on the vision of digitization, innovation and the Africa-Europe alliance for sustainable investment and jobs.

“Europe and Africa share a long history and a bright future. This is why I proposed a new Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs, to help attract both European and African investments and create 10 million jobs in Africa over the next five years. Translating words into action, we have already taken a series of measures to bring our ambitions to life,” said Mr. Juncker.