Despite this being the pink month meant to create more awareness on breast cancer, the Ministry of Health decried of low uptake of breast cancer screening. Speaking yesterday during the launch of the campaign at Afya House in Upper Hill, Ministry of health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman emphasized that breast cancer remains the leading type of cancer in Kenya with an estimated 5900 new cases recorded annually, which contributes to 12.5% of the total cancer burden.

The CAS also noted the alarming low rates at which breast cancer screening is conducted.

"It is saddening that only 25% of women aged between 14 and 49 years have conducted a self- breast examination (SBE)," he remarked.

Out of the 25% only 14% have been subjected to a clinical breast examination for early detection.

According to the ministry, 7 women die on a daily basis due to breast cancer which is now claiming men's lives too. This trend could be corrected through early breast screening.

"Cancer has become one of the public key challenges of our times. With emerging epidemics and pandemics, we find ourselves at crossroads of a triple burden disease," observed Dr. Rashid Aman.

However, the CAS mentioned that all is not lost as the government has made strategic investments to strengthen the prevention, management and treatment of the disease in various public hospitals across the country.

So far, Kenyatta University teaching, referral and research hospital and Moi referral hospital have set up modern cancer centers, fully equipped with state of the art equipment to enable cancer patients access top notch treatment.

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