President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to take the lead in support of the blue economy by focusing on four main areas.

Speaking during the recently concluded  Blue Economy summit held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the president stressed on the importance of preserving the natural resources to promote future prosperity of the country.

“I am convinced that for the sake of the present and future generations, and for the continued viability of our ecosystems, we have to envision a different future and, therefore, a different model for the blue economy.  I pledge to envision that future and do my part to promote it,” said President.

Strategies and Policies

Top on his list was the adoption of appropriate policies and strategies which according to him, was key in boosting the country’s economy as well as create opportunities and jobs for locals.

Waste management

His second action was to tackle waste management and plastic pollution issues which threaten food security, human health and the water resources.

Responsible fishing

The president pledged to enhance responsible fishing so as to conserve endangered species and high value fish varieties.


President Kenyatta further expressed the need to ensure security in the seas which will enhance global trade and connectivity.

The president received an award from the African Union Commission for his role in hosting the first blue economy conference in the world.