Reverse parenting: Tips for parenting your parents

Most parents joke about giving you the best so you’ll get successful and take care of them. However, when the time comes and the roles get reversed, it can be

Reverse parenting: Tips for parenting your parents
  • PublishedJune 25, 2021

Most parents joke about giving you the best so you’ll get successful and take care of them. However, when the time comes and the roles get reversed, it can be a little challenging. At this time, you are faced with deciding how your parents will be cared for where they will be most comfortable, medication required, among other crucial decisions.

Knowing how to care for your parent can be of great help as you try to adjust into your new role as their caregiver. If you are newly thrust into the role of being your parent’ s parent, here are few tips that could help you;

Involve other family members

Care giving is not an easy task and is nearly impossible to do alone. It is okay to ask for help, as there are people who care about your parents as much as you do. Have open communication with other family members such as your siblings, spouse, and/or cousins, and divide roles each person can handle.

You can let others take over once in a while as you carry out other tasks. Do not overwhelm yourself by taking all responsibility.

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Keep tabs on their health

With old age, comes health problems. Illnesses such as dementia and arthritis are some of the common ones. As such, take your parents for occasional checkups and get medication for their condition.

In the case of dementia, they might forget a lot and it is upon you to help in reminding them things like taking their medication, finding misplaced items, and anything that might have skipped their memory. You can also give them massages to straighten their muscles and keep them comfortable.

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Support them emotionally

Imagine not being able to do the things you are used to now and having to ask your child for help. Seems tough right? It is the same feeling aging parents undergo, and they might feel embarrassed and defeated. It is not a moment they enjoy because sometimes they’ll feel like a bother. Try and show them that you enjoy helping them and that you want to spend more time together.

Introduce them to a skill

To keep them active, try introducing them to a skill. This gives them something to focus their mind on and build a new interest. Activities such as knitting, gardening, and drawing are some examples elderly people tend to enjoy. Join them in these activities and create space for you to bond.

Have fun

Reverse parenting shouldn’t be a boring routine of ensuring your parents take their medication and helping when needed. Spice it up with activities that will make them feel young again and experience life. Take them outside, go dancing, attend events such as weddings, family parties and also host some yourself. What they want most is to not feel like their life is boring. Take this time to bring the fun to them.

Bottom line…

Reverse parenting can be challenging and tiresome but it can also be rewarding depending on your attitude. Remember, its okay to learn a long the way, no one knows everything.

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