The ultimate beginner's guide to online dating

The ultimate beginner's guide to online dating
  • PublishedFebruary 7, 2022

Online dating is not a new concept to most people. However, it comes with challenges that make people give up easily or prefer taking the traditional dating route. There is no one-size-fits-all in online dating.

Nevertheless, these tips and tricks will assist you in navigating the world of virtual dating and making it less stressful.

Pick the dating apps wisely

As much as there are multiple dating apps, some of them might not have what you’re looking for. Choosing the right app is a task. Most people with successful online dating experiences attribute it to picking a good app, which is mostly paid.

Since some apps have a reputation of being hook-up apps, most paid apps have people with particular traits. The trick is picking the one with people who have your preferred attributes.

Create an interesting profile

Write a brief profile that people will spend less time on. Having a long profile discourages people from reading. It would be best to mention things that stand out about you since that is one of the deciding factors of whether or not someone will swipe right.

Also, don’t forget to include what you would want out of a partner, whether hooking up or something that would blossom into a relationship.

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Be honest

Bouncing off the previous point, being honest about who you are and what you want in a potential partner will save you a lot of time and energy. Mentioning deal-breakers should also be part of the conversation.

For safety purposes, do not reveal your private information, such as your location, and your identification number, among other things.

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Talk to people who respect your boundaries

If you get a match that suggests that you change the apps you’re communicating with, be sure to communicate your boundaries. Tell them if you’re not comfortable giving out your phone number or using another platform. If they insist on it, they do not respect boundaries and will mostly not respect boundaries even when you meet physically.

This is, therefore, a major red flag that should stop you from taking the relationship any further.

Keep conversations brief and non-generic

Generic conversations tend to be boring and might make your prospect lose interest in you. In the same breath,  if you’re too brief, the other person might think you’re not interested in getting to know them.

Why you should build a friendship before dating
Long-lasting relationships can only be achieved with time, effort and having a genuine interest in knowing the other person.

Be cautious

You can never be too safe. Being cautious while navigating the online dating scene is a must. Here are some dos and don’ts that could help you to protect yourself:

Do not meet up with your match if you’re not ready, you could instead have a Zoom meeting to make everything less tense.If you feel ready to meet up, inform a friend or relative and give them details about the date.Meet in an area you’re familiar with and let it be in public. Don’t be alone with a stranger.Don’t use your real name. A nickname is better because it will be harder to track you on other social media platforms.You could ask your friend to tag along and sit at a different table or place near you.Don’t rely on your match for transportation. Figure out your means of transport to and from the date. Don’t walk as your date can easily follow you.

Online dating could be exciting for the first time but keep in mind that there could be creeps out there. Just follow a lot if not all of the tips mentioned, and you could be satisfied by the experience.

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