What to wear for a job interview

How you dress determines how you will be addressed. Dress well for an interview and you will most likely have ticked the first box on the requirements set out by

What to wear for a job interview
  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2023

It’s 2023!!! One of the items on your vision board might be getting a new job. Interviews are a must process after your resume has impressed the employer, and deciding what to wear to an interview is an important part of the preparation process. A smart, professional appearance convinces the interviewer that you’re an excellent fit for the company. Remember, first impressions matter so make your first impression count by dressing up for the occasion. Here are a few dressing options to consider.


Skip that blazer. Cardigans work in both cold and hot seasons. They can work well in both casual and official interviews. It all depends on how you style them For ladies, a knee-length dress with a long or short cardigan complements an official look. Remember to go for official shoes when you go for this look.


For men, opt for a V-neck cardigan. Make sure that you button down your shirt and wear a tie. Avoid a bow tie with this look. It gives a casual look. Think of the cardigan as a blazer. You could wear it on a two-piece suit. When going for a casual look, ladies can go with jeans while men can go for chino pants.


It’s all about first impressions. Sneakers are an acceptable option, but make sure they’re not a pair of basketball shoes that have seen a game or two, or three. You could opt for a pair of leather cup-sole sneakers from accessibly priced brands. When going for sneakers, wear either black or white. Trouser suits work well with sneakers for both genders. Ladies don’t wear skirts or dresses with sneakers unless it’s an outdoor interview.

Trench coat

A wise man once said smartness knows no weather. The weather in our country is unpredictable today and a cold/wet January day cannot be discounted. A cold day is no excuse for you to appear at an interview looking disheveled, and neither is it a reason to neglect self-care. You can be warm and smart at the same time. No one is going to interview you while you are shivering because of the cold. Instead of a light blazer, opt for a neutral-coloured trench coat. Remove the trench coat after you meet your interviewer otherwise, it gives a standoffish look if left on.


Turbans are worn by people of certain cultures and religious groups like Muslims and Indians. A lady would do a turban if she has coloured hair, especially braided hair. An interview may fall on a bad hair day, and a wrap would come in handy. Head wraps come in many different styles, materials, and designs. Just like any other item of clothing for the workplace, head wraps must be appropriate Bright colourful, and patterned head wraps are great, but try to steer clear of anything that might stick out for the wrong reasons and appear inappropriate. As for men, avoid turbans and caps unless your religion dictates that


With the right combination of clothes. shoes, and accessories, jeans can certainly be styled to match the tone and setting of a job interview. Jeans can be styled with a nice subtle look with a polo shirt, blazer, and official shoes for a man. It is actually more widely accepted for women to wear jeans on formal occasions than men. A nice well-ironed chiffon or cotton top and official shoes compliment the look for a woman. Steer clear of ripped, flowered or coloured jeans. Also, go for dark shades of jeans that are not faded


What not to wear to an interview

While you have some leeway in choosing your interview attire, there are some things to avoid:

  • Heavy perfume or cologne A lot of accessories
  • Wrinkled, torn, or ill-fitting garments
  • Garments that feel uncomfortable, restrictive, or completely at odds with who you are
  • An outfit that doesn’t match the brand or culture of the company you want to work for.
  • A combination of radically different patterns, colours, textures Flip flops or athletic shoes

How you dress determines how you will be addressed. Dress well for an interview and you will most likely have ticked the first box on the requirements set out by the interviewers.



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