6 statement fashion items from the 90s that are back with a bang

6 statement fashion items from the 90s that are back with a bang
  • PublishedFebruary 15, 2022

The world of fashion is evidence of the statement “there is nothing new under the sun.” Most essential fashion pieces today were adopted from the ‘90s and early ‘00s, and are now wardrobe staples.

Here are 6 fashion pieces that have resurfaced and look fabulous.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans are now the go-to type of jeans for many people especially because they are both stylish and comfortable. They are also very versatile. For instance, you can wear flared jeans with flats, heels, sneakers. You can wear cropped flared jeans with a blazer, blouse, a duster coat and so much more. You just need to be creative.

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Also called bustier tops, corsets emerged during the Victorian era before disappearing only to resurface in the 90s.  Victorian corset-style highlights your waist, giving your body an awesome aesthetic. You can pair a corset with a white shirt to achieve that retro but modern look.

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Crop tops

If you love showing some skin, a crop top with some baggy jeans will help you show off your midriff. You can also opt for high rise jeans with crop tops if you are not too comfortable with showing skin. You can achieve almost any look you want with a crop top, from casual to formal wear. How you choose to style your crop top is your choice!

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Shoulder bags

Also called baguette bags, shoulder bags give off sophisticated vibes-and some Nollywood vibes. For nights out with friends and when you are not carrying the whole world in your bag, this is the best go-to bag. Baguettes give off the flip-phone vibe, taking you back to the good old memories, and essentially giving you a ‘badass’ woman vibe. If you don’t have one in your closet, try investing in one and see how cool they are.

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Mules are very comfortable versatile and trendy. If you are in no mood for high heels, mules can take your look to a hundred real quick. The best thing is that you can wear them to the office or the weekend barbecue.

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Animal prints

These are the perfect 90s fashion throwback. There are different types of animal prints, ranging from tortoiseshell print, snake print, cheetah and even leopard prints. These prints are common and most people love them. A bonus is that these prints complement dark skin well.

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Everything that we wear or include in our closets has been there before. Things are never too new, and we just have to come up with ways to style these essentials every time they make a debut.

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