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Assistant Chief Denies Allegations in Schoolgirl’s Tragic Death Amid Public Outcry

Assistant Chief Denies Allegations in Schoolgirl’s Tragic Death Amid Public Outcry
  • PublishedJuly 10, 2024

Simon Osano, the assistant chief of Amabuko sub-location, has denied accusations that he beat and humiliated a schoolgirl, leading to her tragic death.

In an interview with local digital channels, Osano denied shaming the Form One student for allegedly refusing to attend school.

“I am devastated by the reports that have been circulated. I did not do what the deceased’s family is accusing me of. I was with the Nyumba Kumi elders when we called the girl and tried to take her back to school, as we have done with other students who dropped out of school in this area,” Osano said in his defense.

The girl died by suicide, leaving a note expressing her shame after allegedly being publicly undressed and flogged by the chief for being at home instead of in school.

He suggested that the family’s displeasure with his efforts to curb the sale of illicit alcohol in the area, which is banned by the government, might be behind the accusations.

“I am a state officer, and there is no way I could do something like that. The family of the girl is not happy that I have been fighting the illicit brew they are selling to the locals. That girl was not going to school because her parents insisted she help them prepare the brew, which the government is against,” Osano further elaborated.

Osano claimed that the girl’s parents used her to assist in the production of illegal alcohol instead of sending her to school.

On the day of the incident, he said he called the girl to his office along with other students from the area and tried to encourage them to return to school. He even negotiated with the school principal to allow the students to attend classes while their parents arranged for school fees.

The incident, which occurred in Amabuko Village, Nyaribari Masaba, Kisii County, has sparked widespread public outrage over the behavior of the government official.

The NGO Usikimye has called for the arrest and prosecution of Osano for the alleged actions that led to the girl’s death.

“Usikimye strongly denounces these actions and calls for the immediate arrest and prosecution of assistant chief Simon Osano,” a portion of their statement read.

FIDA-Kenya also mentioned in a post that they are currently investigating the tragic incident.

The grieving family has called on authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure justice is served, linking the tragic incident to their impoverished circumstances.

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jackson Ngari