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JCC Founder Bishop Allan Kiuna Passes Away After Courageous Cancer Battle

JCC Founder Bishop Allan Kiuna Passes Away After Courageous Cancer Battle
  • PublishedJuly 10, 2024

Bishop Allan Kiuna, founder of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), has died after a prolonged battle with cancer. Reports indicate that he passed away on Tuesday while undergoing treatment at a city hospital.

Kiuna openly discussed his struggle with cancer in recent years, revealing in December 2023 that he had spent nearly a year in the United States for treatment costing Sh384 million.

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in 2018/2019, a condition involving abnormal plasma cells that form tumors in bones, Kiuna was known for his resilience in facing the disease.

He was the husband of Bishop Kathy Kiuna, also of JCC.

In 2022, Kiuna sought extended treatment in the United States, where he spent a year. Upon his return the following year, he announced victory over the disease, emphasizing that the entire cost was covered through divine provision.

“For the one year that I was in the US, my treatment cost $3 million, and I didn’t remove one coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided. I did not call anyone,” he said then.

The news of Bishop Kiuna’s passing has deeply impacted the JCC community and the wider Christian fraternity. Friends and family gathered at his Runda residence upon hearing the news.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, conveyed his condolences:

“Bishop Allan Kiuna preached with zeal, power, and conviction and did not hold back even in the face of criticism. His powerful sermons and transformative leadership made JCC a global brand. He has touched so many people with the power of his faith. He served his purpose in his generation and has rested from the scourge of cancer. My sincere condolences to Rev. Kathy and the entire family, the JCC fraternity, and the church at large. May Bishop’s soul rest in peace.”

Kiuna is survived by his wife, Kathy Kiuna, and their three children: Vanessa, Jeremy, and Stephanie. The couple shared over 30 years of dedication to their faith and community.

JCC, established in January 1999 by Bishop Kiuna and Reverend Kathy, has announced five services in honour of Bishop Allan Kiuna. Further details on funeral arrangements will be provided later.

“We welcome you to join us in praying for the family and the entire church community,” said JCC.

The services will commence from today, Wednesday, until Friday, July 12. Three memorial services will take place from 5 pm to 7:30 pm at JCC Parklands. Another service is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, at the same venue from 2 pm to 5 pm. A special worship service in honour of Bishop Kiuna’s life and legacy will follow on Sunday, July 14, starting at 9 am.

The church described Bishop Kiuna as an extraordinary man who impacted countless lives through his commitment to spreading the word of God globally as well as locally.

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