201408-beauty-fashionScarves are versatile accessories that can be worn in any season. They add a degree of style to any outfit, no matter how plain it may be, and are a must have item in your wardrobe. Many women like to look fashionable all the time without the expense of renewing their wardrobe often. Scarves are, therefore, an easy choice of fashion accessory that can go well with lots of outfits. Since they are readily available and affordable, you can buy different styles and colours to wear with most of your clothes.
Wearing a scarf around the neck affects your entire look and presentation, so select styles that flatter your body. If your have a petite figure, wear scarves that have a thin to medium knit texture. Another way to free up your neck is to let one of the ends hang freely on your chest. For average to full or curvy body figures, go for thicker and larger scarves. If you are a plus-size figure, go for medium scarf styles, both in length and texture.
Some women are reluctant to wear scarves because they don’t want to highlight their full size breasts.  If this is the case with you, you don’t need to completely eliminate scarves from your closet, you just need to wear the right style that helps downplay your chest. For instance, wear a scarf with prints but of a dark colour. This helps break up your chest area and make it look slimmer. Also try and tie your scarf in such a way that it forms a v-shaped end as this accentuates your fuller bust.
Wearing a scarf of only one colour helps you to pull it off with a variety of clothes, but if you’re wearing a multi-coloured scarf, keep your clothes simple or make sure your scarf goes well with the colour of the outfit you’re wearing it with. As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to looking chic in a print scarf, avoid wearing it with a multi-coloured outfit.
Experiment with different styles of tying a scarf depending on what you are wearing. For instance, when wearing a spaghetti top, tie your scarf loosely around your neck. You can tighten it if it gets cold.  You can also belt up your scarf by simply draping it around your neck and putting a belt over, especially if you want to enhance a tiny waist. Tying your scarf in a bow is a great addition to any outfit and gives a chic look. You can wear the bow on either the left or right side or at the front.
Scarves are the perfect fashion accessories to add instant glamour to your outfit. So if you have been wondering what to do with that scarf you bought a while ago, then it’s time to take it out of the closet.

Published in Aug 2014 issue