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Bored at work? Try these amazing tips for energy

There is nothing as emotionally and physically draining as a boring day at work. And yet, you need to work to pay your bills. Fortunately, there are a few tips

Bored at work? Try these amazing tips for energy
  • PublishedJanuary 10, 2023

You sit in your office staring at the screen. Hours seem to drag on. You can’t wait to go home, but more importantly, you can’t wait to complete the project you are working on. So how do you beat boredom in the office?

Wake up earlier than you have to

Try to wake up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do and spend that time doing something you love. You can decide to go for a morning run, meditate, have a morning devotion or read a good book. Heck you can even wake up to have a good heavy breakfast. Do something that will lift your spirits and give you the positivity to face the day. You can also do the same thing at night especially if you are a night person. Read a good book, watch something or listen to music. The goal is to make you relax and take your mind off work.

Talk to friends and family

Working long hours may leave you with little or no time for socialising. However, ensure that you are in touch with your friends and family. Friends make you laugh. They will listen to you when you’ve had a bad day in the office and all you want is to punch someone. Drop by your friend’s place as you leave the office. If they live far from you, keep in constant communication and set some weekends for catching up.


Be curious

What mainly causes boredom is lack of curiosity. Do not allow yourself to be drained by the office that you are no longer curious. When you feel bored, pause whatever you are doing and watch a random clip or read a magazine. You can even try researching on something you have always wanted to know.

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Find something to laugh about

You cannot laugh and remain bored. When work frustrates you, watch something that is really funny. There are lots of comedy videos that can be found on YouTube. Give yourself a good laugh and you’ll feel the boredom melting away. A quick caveat though, the videos can be quite addictive so limit yourself to 5- 10 minutes and continue working.

Walk around

Sitting at your desk staring at the screen can be exhausting. It can also be bad for your health. Do yourself a favour and walk around.  When you can’t concentrate, take a five minute break, go outside and just enjoy the view. You can even take your laptop and work from another room or outside if space allows.

Press on

There are times when motivation won’t come. On such days, you just need to remind yourself to press on even if it seems difficult. Keep going, let the inspiration find you on the way.

In the recent past, there has been an increasing number of quite quitting where people do just the bare minimum that is required at their workplace. While there are other reasons for this phenomenon, boredom and lack of motivation takes the most blame. Use the above tips to find your groove and enjoy your work once more.

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