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Journey from Glamour to Grounded Grace

Journey from Glamour to Grounded Grace
  • PublishedJune 13, 2024

Welcome to our most recent issue, in which resilience and optimism stories take centre stage. Our cover story highlights Pinky Ghelani, a beacon of grace and perseverance in Kenya’s media scene, as she examines her life’s various sides and discusses her journey back to her origins. In the Heroes column, we celebrate Amar K Panesar, whose pioneering work in specialised education has transformed lives through patience, love, and ingenuity. The Real Life Experience column has a moving conversation with Marya Prude, who discusses navigating child loss, grief, and recovery.

In the Phenomenal Woman column, Wangeci Kihara’s commitment to maternal and paediatric care through ‘The Mothership Village’ is highlighted. In the Men Only section, Brian Muinde discusses embracing the role of a single father. Kanze Dena, Lornzie Gatabaki, and Auntie Jemimah share their parenting stories, each offering distinct perspectives and essential lessons.

Join us in recognising voices that may otherwise go unnoticed, and find inspiration on every page. Discover a world of compassion, empathy, and resilience in our most recent issue. GET A COPY OF THE MAGAZINE ON OUR E-PAPER.

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