Vacationing with your friends and significant other

Going on holiday is usually the most relaxing thing to do with your friends, family or significant other. All in all, there are rules on vacationing with the groups separately

Vacationing with your friends and significant other
  • PublishedNovember 10, 2021

Going on holiday is usually the most relaxing thing to do with your friends, family or significant other. All in all, there are rules on vacationing with the groups separately or together. Here are some things to keep in mind when vacationing with your friends and significant other together, to maintain peace and have fun!

Who’s going?

Make the list of names of those going known to all. This will make everyone aware and comfortable during the trip. Anyone wanting to back out, including your partner is welcome to. This will allow anyone to raise any concerns before the trip begins.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Planning ahead

To have a successful trip you must plan ahead. Agree on the destination, transportation, duration and the number of people going. Avoid conflicting work or school schedules between your friends and S/O.

This will also give all parties enough time to get their finances in order, so as to have a well-deserved, stress-free vacation. If anyone has children or pets, they will get enough time to make arrangements on where they will stay during this time.

Image: Bich Tran from Pexels

Don’t just throw your significant other into your friends’ plans

Have a conversation with your friends first about asking your partner to come. If you all agree to bring your partners, then be on the same page about it from the start.

Ask your partner if they would like to go for the trip as well.  Do not make it feel like your partner is obligated to travel with you. This will avoid an uncomfortable vacation time for everyone.


No 3rd wheeling

No one likes being or feeling like the third wheel – a person who is unnecessary to the group but tags along all the time. If it’s a couple’s vacation agree as a group. This will make everyone feel comfortable and not left out during the vacation.

Don’t bring your partner to your girl’s or boy’s trip

There’s a difference between a friends’ trip and a girls’ or boys’ trip. Your partner or friends will feel like they aren’t getting enough time to hang out with you. It’s best to respect each other’s time and feelings. Have your own separate vacation time with your significant other.

Allow your partner to enjoy themselves away from you

When bringing your partner to your trip with your friends, keep in mind that they also want to have fun. Seeing each other mingling with friends should not spark any jealousy or the feeling of neglect. You are all allowed to have fun as well as long as it’s not disrespectful to each other.

Baby car seat safety tips to consider when travelling with children
A car seat is a must-have if you intend to travel with your child. However, simply having a car seat does not guarantee the safety of your child. Several factors should be considered.

Have boundaries

Most friends’ trips have a section for playing games. They might be physical games, board games or even drinking games, either way, they all need to have boundaries. Don’t get yourselves into situations that will cause conflicts. No vacation deserves to abruptly end because of conflict.

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Long-lasting relationships can only be achieved with time, effort and having a genuine interest in knowing the other person.

Alone time with your significant other

Remember your partner is on the trip as well, whether as part of the friend group or an “outsider”, do not forget to have quality time together. This can be done without neglecting your friends.

Have a series of simple meaningful gestures or moments together when with friends without overwhelming them, then carve out time to spend time alone after your group activities.

Get a room together. This is where you’ll spend the most quality time together without neglecting others.

Photo by Briona Baker / Unsplash

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In conclusion…

Having fun and peaceful holiday depends on those going and how it’s spent. Take time to carefully plan your fun times with your loved ones.

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