8 accessories to help you escape a humdrum sex life

After a while, sex tends to get boring. One way to re-ignite the spark in the bedroom is to invest in accessories.

8 accessories to help you escape a humdrum sex life
  • PublishedJanuary 13, 2023

Accessories are a perfect way to make your bedroom life all the more interesting and satisfying. They not only allow couples to explore the different aspects of their sexuality in a safe environment, but also reduce lethargy and other issues that could otherwise kill your sex life. Here are some picks for you to try if you feel comfortable with them…

1. Fantasy books

Many people feel ashamed of their sexual fantasies. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of as everyone has them. Try and keep a book where you note down all your fantasies. You can then revisit them once in a while and explore some of them when boredom starts to creep in.

2. Sex toys

More and more couples have embraced sex toys in the bedroom. However, a significant number still shun the idea of sex toys either because they think it is immoral or emasculating. If you haven’t tried sex toys, it may be time to try them. They not only help couples explore and understand their bodies, but also help improve communication. You are more likely to communicate how you feel when engaging with your partner without the fear of hurting their ego or self-esteem when you use sex toys.

3. Costumes

Clothing during sex can be more than just something that provides easy access, but something that hints at what to expect. If you prefer a lot of pressure and friction in your play, try rocking jeans, which create more rub during humping and outercourse. If you want to avoid anything with huge zippers, studs, spikes, and belt buckles that could snag on skin or catch hair, you can opt for dresses, skirts, sweatpants, baggy bottoms, or leggings.

4. Massage candle

Whether you are alone or with a partner, massage candles allow you to create an intimate setting. They are also a great introductory accessory when beginning to explore bedroom toys. An erotic massage is also an ideal way to dive into some foreplay with your partner whether you are giving or receiving.

5. Wedge & ramp

Any sex expert will tell you that a few well-shaped and firm pillows can go a long way to solving positioning problems you and your partner might run into. The sex wedge has become popular in recent years and users swear by its effectiveness. So popular is its use that, Luvu brands, an American company came up with the Liberator wedge and ramp combo that enables users to try out different positions without worrying about discomfort and pain from awkward positioning.

6. Sexy couple cards

Sex card games are always a good idea. They help you loosen up, have fun, and get you in the mood for a sexy time. Playing sexy games also helps to explore your fantasies and raise the temperature between the sheets. Depending on your comfort level, there are many different games to choose from. Some involve special positions, role play, or even just creative foreplay ideas.

7. Blindfolds
When someone covers your eyes, you don’t know what will happen next and that excitement can make sex better. The idea of wearing a blindfold during sex helps partners explore their own bodies together without feeling self-conscious, which can help them enjoy the moment. Also, focusing on just hearing each other can be a turn-on.

8. Lubricant

Personal lubricant, or lube, helps prevent too much friction that may make sex uncomfortable or even painful, especially if you are experiencing vaginal dryness. Sex without lubricants is just satisfactory and, life is too short to have just satisfactory sex all your life. Lubricants for sex are like butter for bread. You can definitely have the toasted bread without the butter but if you apply butter the entire taste changes and becomes better. The same goes for having sex without using a lubricant.

After a while, sex tends to get boring. One way to re-ignite the spark in the bedroom is to invest in accessories like the ones discussed in this article.


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