Vivian Bosibori has come out to request for help from Kenyans after she was diagnosed with Meningitis and TB.Her story broke the internet when her family and close friends pleaded her case as she lay on what they hope will not be her death bed.

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Her treatment is bound to cost nearly 500,000 shillings- a hefty price to pay for a lady hailing from a humble background. In what her family hope will be a reprieve, they have set up an account and an M-Pesa pay bill requesting for funds from well-wishers to offset the medical bills and ensure that their loved one gets the best care possible.

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The St. Georges academy alumni was previously admitted at St. Marys hospital before she was later transferred to Al Amin hospital where she is recuperating.


This story tugged at the heartstrings of Kenyans as her story spread through retweets on twitter and power of mouth. This yet again proves the mighty ability of Kenyans sheer will. Below are some of the tweets from friends and family:

Vivian Bosibori asks for help


This comes days after Kenyans were able to collect 2.4 million shillings within an hour for Bianca-a cancer patient in the Jeff Koinange live show, enabling her get proper treatment.

In tandem with the fast spreading philanthropic spirit, we hope Vivian pulls through and fully recovers.